Sunday, 6 June 2010

the fabulous Leigh Bowery

OH hello....

collection by Asher Levine
Inspired by Atomic fusion and the human centipede movie


Brows N Out

Back in my goth days i used to shave and draw my eyebrows on, and believe me its a fucking pain in the ASS, and something not many people could pull off. My friend Kirsty is one of thoes bastard's that can, so this post is for Kirsty Bradly my REAL punk princess x

Mark Ryden

New postcard's by Mark Ryden from he's Snow Yak collection

simply amazing <3


Now im a TAD obsessed with toys in general, but for me there's nothing like a kidrobot toy and this newie is no exception!

presenting the new Dunny 8-inch by TADO *strokes*

adidas parthay

SO it's Saturday night and normally im working at the weekend but instead i got a invite to the adidas street party!

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